Realigning Your Business Strategy: A Real-Time Case Study

Small organizations can undergo drastic shifts when employees come and go. In a small team, each person’s role is integral to the business’s function. Everyone works on tasks that aren’t in the job description. So when an employee leaves the company, things really change. But an employee exit doesn’t have to be a negative thing. It can be an opportunity to realign, refocus, and redefine what the company offers and how it delivers its best service.

Such is the case here at Write Ahead. Sabrina has left her position as Market Research Assistant to work at Colliers International. While we’ll miss her greatly, we’re also thrilled about the opportunities she has, and we’re grateful that we got the chance to work with her. She’ll stay on for some contract work and I’m certain we’ll remain great colleagues.

In Sabrina’s absence, the areas we need help in our business are abundantly clear. Social media support, web site support and ongoing marketing are all crucial to our continued success. Now that Celeste and I are handling all of those important tasks again, we’re asking ourselves some key questions:

  • Is our overall business model the right one to support our own goals while exceeding our clients’ expectations?
  • Do we have adequate systems in place to measure the ROI of our marketing efforts?
  • Is it time to adjust our marketing and business strategy so we can keep helping our clients become wildly successful?

We ask our clients a lot of these questions when we’re writing their business plans. But like any business, it’s easy to become immersed in the delivery of our products and services while internal strategy takes a back seat. With one team member gone, it’s clear that some of our processes need to be reworked. I’m really excited about this process and when we’re ready to hire again (which will be really, really soon), we’ll be even more prepared.

When was the last time you reviewed your business strategy? Let us know in the comments!